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Information Security Policy

intellim Corporation (hereinafter referred to as intellim) , as the partner for drug development, handles many important information assets which are provided from our client companies. intellim thinks the protection of those information assets related to R&D and clinical research should be high priority issue for our business activity. intellim recognizes the measure for appropriate handling of information and its safety management should be our important social responsibility. Therefore, intellim established this “Information Security Policy”, and all of company directors and our employees strive appropriate handling , management and protection of information as per this policy.

1. Establishment of Information Security Management Structure
intellim shall assign responsible personnel for information security (hereinafter referred to as “Information Security Manager”) to drive forward information security management system. The information security manager shall lead to maintain and improve the information security. And, intellim establish the audit team to improve our structure, they shall conduct internal audit periodically.

2. Implementation for Security Measure
intellim shall conduct risk assessment to protect the information asset, and implement appropriate security measure to prevent divulging of information and unauthorized access, virus protection, reliability.

3. Continuous improvement
In the light of the fact that changing of business environment, social environment and regulation, the latest movement of information technology and newly discovered risk, intellim shall review this policy and improve it and our structure continuously.

4. Compliance with Laws, Standards by the government and requirements by the clients
intellim shall develop the measure to comply with not only GCP, law and standards related to information security, the standards by the government and the requirements by the clients and requirements for information security.

5. Security Measure related to Service Providers
If intellim hire a service provider to outsource our work, in terms of confidential information of the company and privacy protection, intellim shall evaluate their eligibility and review the content of contract to improve the security measure.

6. Prevention of Security Incident and its handling
intellim shall strive to prevent the information security incident, however, if it would happen, intellim will take appropriate actions including preventive action.

7. Education and Training on Information Security
intellim shall give education/training periodically to our employees who are involved in information assets to familiarize the importance of information security, appropriate handling of information assets and its management.

8. Business Continuity Management
intellim shall ensure our business continuity to prevent the interrupt of our business caused by incidental disaster, breakdown, inadvertently or intentionally abuse of information assets.

Established: December 3, 2009
2nd revision: July 23, 2010
3rd revision: October 12, 2011
4th revision: June 1, 2014
Masakuni Ukita
President & CEO
intellim Corporation