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ISO27001 Certification

intellim obtained ISO27001 which is the international standard for Information Security Management System (hereinafter referred to as “ISMS”) Certification.

intellim Corporation (hereinafter referred to as intellim), as the partner for drug development, handles many important information assets which are provided from our client companies. intellim thinks the protection of those information assets related to R&D and clinical research should be high priority issue for our business activity. Therefore, intellim had been preparing to establish our own company structure based on ISMS for strict control of information management and continuous improvement. intellim obtained ISO27001 which is the international standard for information security and JIS Q 27001 which is Japanese standard dated December 27, 2011.

intellim thinks this ISO certification is just a 1st step, and continues to take actions to improve our structure for ISMS continuously and by design. intellim would like to continue to play a roll to provide the confidence and reliability for our client companies.

  • Location: intellim Corporation (Tokyo Head Office, Main Office and IRC Laboratory)
  • Certificate standard: ISO27001(JIS Q 27001)
  • Certified standard: ISO/IEC 27001: 2006(JIS Q 27001: 2005)
    Certificate registration #: ICMS-SR0132
    The date of registered: December 27, 2011
    Certification body: International Certificate Authority of Management System(ICMS)
    Accreditation Organization: Japan Electronic Data Interchange Council (JIPDEC)
  • Please refer to our "Information Security Policy"