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Our team members acquainted with Oncology will provide expert services

Full-Services in various Oncology developments

Our Oncology Specialized CRAs will be in charge of Oncology studies.

intellim implements "Oncology Specialist & Expert Accreditation Program" which is based on our own training curriculum to cultivate Oncology Specialized CRA under Dr. Nagahiro Saijo' s supervision (Special advisor of intellim and Japanese Society of Medical Oncology).
Oncology Specialist will be certified by written examination following 6-months training. Those certified Oncology Specialists are involved in various oncology studies. Addition to that, Oncology Specialists those who have several practical monitoring experiences in Oncology, will be assigned to be taken the final written examination and Dr.Saijo’s verbal examination. When Oncology Specialist passes these examinations, he/she will be certified as an Oncology Expert and also be assigned as an important core member of Oncology monitoring team.
After certified, our Oncology Specialists & Experts are continuing to brush up their knowledge in Oncology through specialistic continuous training and major Oncology conferences.

Our experienced Project managers will support you in your Oncology developments
    Our PM’s experienced Therapeutics area
  • Solid Tumor: NSCLC, Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, HCC, RCC, PC, Stomach Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, GIST, Head and Neck Cancer, Glioma
  • Blood Cancer:MM, ML, Leukemia
    Our PM’s experienced Phase
  • Phase I, II, III, Multinational study (Global and Asia)
    Our PM’s brief Career Summary
  • PM1 / PM2
Fully-Packaged Service is now available in Japan and Asia

Our staff members of DM and Statistics who are experienced in Oncology will be involved in Oncology studies.
intellim Korea also implements the same “Oncology Specialist & Expert Accreditation Program”, and our PM and CRA who are certified as Oncology Specialist or Expert in Korea will be involved in Oncology studies in Korea.

Consultation of Oncology Development Strategy

Over 20-year experienced staff member will support your Oncology development in the following processes:

  • Development Strategy
  • Support to indication from Regulatory Authority
  • Protocol Design
  • ICF Design
  • Feasibility Study and others
Basic/Advanced Education & Training in Oncology

Our experienced instructors will provide Basic/Advanced Education & Training in Oncology based on the contents of our "Oncology Specialist & Expert Accreditation Program" for your CRAs.

>>For more details (Education & Training) Education & Training Curricula
(1)Basic training in Oncology
(2)Advanced training in Oncology
   i) Molecular Targeted Drug
   ii) Individual Cancer Advanced Education & Training (including RECIST & CTCAE practice)

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If you have any comments, questions, please contact us.

If you have any comments, questions, please contact us.