Our experienced and educated CRAs conduct your clinical study with absolute accuracy, without a hindrance.

Global Development

intellim can introduce appropriate medical institutions and investigators because we have broad network in Asia for you.


intellim consolidates a sequence of operation including Data Capturing, Data Management, Statistical Analysis and Documentation to provide high quality data for you.

Regulatory Affairs/Medical Writing

intellim provides Regulatory related service for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, medical writing services, various survey services and consulting services for you.


intellim provides Pharmacovigillance services and service for compiling and analyzing the data from Treatment Outcome Study after post marketing.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Team which is independent from Clinical Development Division is involved in GCP Audit. They provide audit services and consulting services for improvements after self-inspection.

Contracted Service for Synthesis

intellim provides contracted synthesis service of organic compounds in laboratory scale. We can synthesis and research in small scale.

Education and Training

intellim provides the Induction Training for CRAs and Oncology Specific Basic and Advanced Training for your staff members.


intellim takes a responsibility as a sponsor for your clinical trials even if you don't have your office in Japan.